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Most of our products are provided by local producers and farmers who care about the quality of their produce just as much as we do.


Lamb Chump Lamb chop, ideal for grilling or barbecuing.

Lamb Cutlets Let these cutlets gambol onto your plate!

Lamb fillet kebabs Large cuts of lamb fillet in a mint marinade ideal for summer BBQs

Lamb Loin A delicious and tender cut from the loin.

Lamb Sausages Made from southdowns lamb & fresh herbs.

Lamb Shanks Ideal for braizing or slow roast

Lamb Shoulder Shoulder of lamb

Lambs Liver Delicious, mild flavoured and tender lamb's liver.

Leg of Lamb Leg of Lamb ideal for roasting or boned , marinaded and cooked on the BBQ

Noissettes Boned and rolled with or without our homemade stuffing.

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