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Most of our products are provided by local producers and farmers who care about the quality of their produce just as much as we do.


Beer Sausage A rich pork sausage made with kent hops & real ale.

Chipolatas A mixture of Plantation Pork, herbs and a hint of honey

Cumberland Sausage A spicy peppery sausage.

Diced Pork Diced pork, ideal for casseroles and stews.

Minced Pork Mince pork, great for meat sauces and fillings.

Pork & Leek A mixture of Plantation Pork, seasoning, & fresh leeks.

Pork Belly The belly is streaked with fat which makes it ideal for roasting.

Pork Chops Pork chops,

Pork Fillets Fillet of pork, ideal for pot roasting.

Pork Heart Tender with a very delicate flavour, heart is suitable for moist cooking such as braising or stewing.

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