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Most of our products are provided by local producers and farmers who care about the quality of their produce just as much as we do.


Chicken Breasts One of the most versatile and healthy cuts of meat available. Can be used whole or cut into strips or chunks for stir-fries and kebabs. Tender and low in fat.

Chicken Drumsticks Chicken drumsticks make a great snack if baked or barbecued.

Chicken Fillet Kebab Large cuts of Chicken fillet marinated in garlic & herb butter

Chicken Quarters Chicken quarters.

Chicken Thighs Chicken thighs

Duck Breast Duck breast, suitable for grilling or roasting

Duck Legs Duck legs are ideal for confit.

Duck Liver Makes superb pate.

Guinea Fowl A small, lean game bird.

Poussin Poussin is a very young chicken with a delicated flavour and little fat.

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