Amy North The Devotion System Review

Amy North The Devotion System Review – Does This Program Work?

The Devotion system product is most known in females, because of its knowledgeable content. The devotion system is common and great knowledge for women. It is best selling relationship product.

This product teaches you, that how women can found true love and nurture relationship in overall the world. The devotion system gives unique advice for relationships of women at any stage of their life.

Using the devotion system program, you can send your first text to maintaining the relationship and love for the long term.

What is the Devotion System?

This product is especially for those ladies, who are single and want to start their first date with confidence and with good communication skills. Also for those women, who faced difficulty in their past relationships.

This product is not based on fiction, this actually based on practical male psychology and real-world experience.

This product gives motivation and confidence to women in search of their ideal love partner and making their love over the long term.

The main core of this product, it teaches you what to say with your man and how to say it, it also teaches you that how to better understand your partner’s mind. The effective part of this product, that it teaches women how to maintain their standards while texting or talking with their partners.

By using this program, women can find easily their love partners in this modern era. This product contains different techniques like sequence phrases, different attractive approaches which will tap the man’s psyche, full of love and evergreen commitment.Amy North The Devotion System Review

This product is totally an online program, it’s all content you can access through their site after purchasing this program. Online content gives you prompt results, you can learn immediately this program and no wait for the shipping process.

So, it’s time to change your dating style and be confident to get your ideal love.

About The Author of the Program:

The unique and attractive content of the devotion program is written by Amy North. She is a Canadian base relationship coach. She had 10 plus years of experience in relationship and dating coaches.

She helps women to find their dream man and maintain their relationship for the long term with happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Besides being the author of the devotion system, she had a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers and more than 15 million views.

She also writes the Text Chemistry Program for women to help them find their best partner in life.

This product is the world’s top-selling program for women’s relationships and dating guides. She used her overall experience that helps women to build and maintain healthy relationships. There is no other best and attractive content guide for women for their relationship and dating knowledge.

She writes this program with meaningful and easy knowledge to teach other women about their happy life with partners. This program gives you practical advice for your relationship.

Amy completed her bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and she has highly recognized for the relationship coaching programs that she conducts.

How does The Devotion System work?

With lots of experience in relationship and dating coaches, Amy figured out and understood male psychology which can help others, women, to understand men better.

In this program, there are logic behind every guide, sensible and scientific reasons that women can understand easily and promptly that why men do certain things in different situations.

This product helps women to understand a man’s psyche which works differently on certain occasions and how can charm their partner effectively. This program assures you that what you want in a relationship, you will get it from your man by learning guide in this program.

There are lots of positive reviews about this program, they are wonderfully live their life with partners and they also said, they don’t imagine how quickly men commit to them and want her as a life partner in their entire life.

Communication with a mature mind and use phrases to make your partner yours will completely change your life with happiness.

If you talk with your man the way he wants, then you unlock his mind and he will feel that there is no one in the world except you, so he wants to talk with you or share things with you, he has to marry and want kids with you.

What is included in this Program?

This program has the best guide for women to build and maintain better relationships. It includes E-Book and 13 unique video training categories. For better access for you, it comes with two versions, for your PC and laptop, it gives you an ebook as well as for Kindle or iPhone version.

It is further divided into three core phases:

  1. Keep moving on
  2. Men 101
  3. Different Stages of love

Phase 1: Letting go and Moving on

This part almost covers all parts of a relationship. You can learn techniques and understand guides about self-improvement in this phase.

  • Introduction
  • A.S.S system
  • Become a dream woman
  • SPARK breakdown
  • What you want in your relationship, you will get it by focusing on your love.
  • The Love Buzz mindset
  • Is there anyone standing between you and your men
  • Quiz 1

The ebook covers topics about your past and focuses on your personality instead of look. Amy said that the inner beauty of women is the best to guide instead of outer beauty. Because inner beauty gives you confidence, self-motivation, and love.

The SPARK focuses on developing your key personality. These include;

  • Sexy and sassy
  • Playful and positive
  • Attractive and admirable
  • Radiant and real
  • Keen and kind

 Phase 2: Men 101

The things you need to learn and understand about men are includes in this part 2. this will guide you that how to understand completely about the opposite gender. The main and core points are covered in this part 2 are given below:

  • Myths About Men
  • Men Psyche of work
  • The technique that your men follow you
  • Technique to perfectly seduce your partner.
  • The Devotion Sequence
  • The 15 Types of Men
  • Men To Avoid

 Phase 3: Different Stages of Love

Different stages of the relationship will be covered in this part. Teach you attractive techniques for your love, also teaches dating techniques, how can you addicted your man towards you and what you have to on your first date.

This part breaking the monogamy message, it guides you on how to communicate with your feelings. If you master this technique then your man knows that you are the only one in this world.

The phone frenzy technique will teach you a comprehensive guide on phone etiquette which guides you on how to communicate with your love partner using the phone.

Below given main points are covered in this part:

  • Introduction
  • The chemistry of commitment
  • The monogamy message
  • The phone Phrenzy technique
  • How can you easily seduce him and can be addiction for him.
  • Perfect guide for dating.
  • What is best time to sleep with your partner.
  • Know well of his hot parts.
  • Techniques to give turn on your partner
  • When if he wants to pull you, what should you do.
  • Signs you need to understand for long term relationship
  • Best way to let your partner down smoothly.
  • Guidelines for avoiding any mistake in your relationship.
  • Final words

 Video Series

In the video categories you will also cover the main techniques of relationship:

  • The P.A.S.S. System
  • Personality S.P.A.R.K.S.
  • Great technique to understand why your partner stop following you.
  • Guides for avoiding bad communication.
  • You will know what type of lady you are.
  • Chemistry of your relationship.
  • The first date of your life.
  • You come to know that your relation should be clean and trustworthy.
  • Verdicts


Ebook and videos content for you to learn and better understand your relationship and how to date perfectly, this program is also offers bonuses for you which helps you more. It will give 3 bonuses such as:

  • Textual Chemistry
  • Cheat-Proofing
  • Finding Love Online

Textual chemistry is most popular around the world. Its main focus is on texting, which is the most common and attractive way to get someone easily. If you want to win your man’s heart, textual chemistry teaches you the best art of texting.

This guides you on how to talk or communicate on text with the guy you want for your relationship.

Is the Devotion System legit or scam?

This product is totally no scam. There are some fake rumors about it, but the actual thing is that it enhance and improve several women life and they live their life happily with their partner. Many women have had a great result by using this product.

Amy offers a more holistic approach. She urges you to be the great version of yourself. Women can use this devotion system product at any age of their relationship.

It is recommended for both women who are looking for a partner and also in looking for relationships and gain their commitment for the long term.

The Devotion System Review – The pros and cons:


  • Well constructed content.
  • Highly versatile.
  • It focuses on your self-improvements.
  • Easy to follow content.
  • Available for monthly plan.
  • Available in two versions, laptop, and iPhone format.
  • This product covers a wide range of relationship stages.
  • This product gives you a self-help guide to improve your self .awareness, self-confidence, and self-love.
  • It comes with a holistic approach.
  • Detailed explanations and guidelines.
  • The Unique content of videos.
  • A detailed guide about the good and bad men.
  • The tracking result of this product is good.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • This product is helpful for relationship women as well as for single women.
  • Use simple and precise language for better understanding.
  • Valuable Information for improvement in the relationship.


  • Requires great patience.
  • Not available in hard copy, only available in soft copy.
  • Some information is common in this product.
  • Not for those women who don’t have tablets and laptops.


1: is this product really work?

Answer. Based on the review and also with my experience, it works well. It contains lots of techniques and guides for women to make their relationship evergreen.

2: How much is its price?

Answer.  It comes with a discounted price of $48.25. Which includes 13 videos and an ebook for guide.

3: Is it necessary to understand male psychology?

Answer. Understanding male psychology is not easy, but the devotion system will help you to understand what men think, what he wants and he needs from women.

4: Is this scam?

Answer. Obviously not. Amy North is the author of this product. She is an expert in dating and relationship coaches.


Basically, this product is designed for every woman to improve their confidence towards men, enhance communication skills. This product considerate single women who want to build relationships with their perfect men as well as helpful for those who are in a relationship already.

This product teaches you how to improve yourself internally and externally for finding the best men for you. You will develop more self-love, and self-awareness by using this devotion system product, which is the core and key ingredient for a successful relationship.

At an incredibly reduced price tag, you have grabbed this opportunity as soon as possible to make your life better, evergreen commitment, and mature relationship.

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