Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging Review – Does it Work or Not?

Are you facing such kind of problems that how to attract girls and what is the right way to grab her attention? If “yes” the, Here you can read our best Magnetic Messaging Review that is going to make your life much easier while attracting to someone through the messaging.

Let’s immediately get on with the main problem…

Attracting women should not have to be tough.

You want the most beautiful girls around you while you’re not married.

You might know about it that I DON’T review any programs on this website that I haven’t individually used, read, or performed.

And I want to make sure that I honestly want you to succeed at attracting girls and enhancing your dating life.

Attracting your dream girl is not easy, even though it can be magical when you read how to navigate around it with the proper abilities.

There is one general trend (and it also occurs to guys who are really good with girls) that obtaining the girl you actually want and not just another needy girl looks to be a big bottleneck.

The big news is that you can save yourself from the stress of trying to get a girl over with texts the incorrect way.

And that’s what Magnetic Messaging will perform for you.

About Magnetic Messaging Review

I can’t express more about it because Magnetic Messaging is one of the best and most familiar programs in the market.

This specific program has plenty of information and many extras. But, how can you go wrong with:

  1. Text message templates
  2. Video tutorials
  3. An online community

And numerous other ways to keep on developing your game!

Basically, the program gives successful texting plans and generates a space for new ones to arise. When you’re served with the program, you’ll need to be more discrete with your phone. You’ll get your girl to do whatever you want.

  • How to stimulate her emotional interest.
  • Steer the communication in whichever direction you actually want.
  • You just need to make her feel safe and comfortable texting you.

Finally, this is the secret key to using texts to grab her full attention or keep her around. That’s a great thing, you need to pick.

How Does It Work?


The main guide is the Key Lock Sequence.

The authors, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, supervise us through the important first moments after she provides you her number. Here, you’ll understand when to text her, what to text, and how to react to her text.

In the beginning, everything is obviously outlined. Most of those communications are predictable. So, with that pattern described, your introduction will be fine.

Then, you can learn how to drive further conversation.

A man needs to take full control and has to be quick. How can you understand what you’re going to get if you don’t understand what you actually want? Well, here you find out how to do that.

Ultimately, you’ll understand what you want.

Going on a date? Is she coming over and willing to get wild? You pick! Yes, it’s that easy. With the correct words and timing, women will open too. You just have to play your cards well.

This is the right place to learn.

The Authors: Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

Bobby and Rob both have designed this different texting system.

The aim of this program is that not leave you alone in such kind of situation. Most of the people get suck at texting but are excellent on dates. Others, maybe the other way around or they suck at both.

But, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge got you covered.

Bobby Rio is a relationship specialist and also the author of TSB magazine. Rob Judge is very much capable of dating, but he brings the description part to the table. He’s an outstanding journalist and makes everything easy to understand.

Finally, Rob and Bobby have decided to team up so that they could help anyone.

This program works for everyone!

If you have a plan to date her or just bang the night away, this texting guide is your secret key to grab her attention. Or, if you’re already in a relationship, you can change the heat back on.

In fact, these guys broke the code for texting. Now, they are telling us how to use that in our favor.

The Program

Here are the three steps included in the Key Lock Sequence

  1. Let her know your intentions and build complicity.
    1. Here, you can read the best openings and create “a thing” between you.
    2. Then, that results in complicity, and you have built a connection.
  1. Trigger an emotional investment.
  • . You can learn how to get her emotionally involved in the discussion.
    1. Get the timing, phrasing, and overall message accurately.
    2. Did you ever see a girl smiling like crazy on her phone? You’ll be the reason for that.
  1. Close the deal!
  • . Once she is in, you will need a great closer that will trigger action.
    1. The program assists you to create a demand for validation.
    2. Bobby Rio and Rod Judge formulated an excellent way to make her want your validation.
  1. Eventually, she will fall for you.

But wait, there’s more…

Don’t Leave Any Loose Ends

After you buy the program you will be provided some helpful bonuses such as;

  • The Infatuation Formula video training
    • Use it with care!
    • You desire her to really fall for you?
    • Well, here’s a step-by-step formula to accomplish that.
  • 99 Best Texts of all time eBook
    • Think and work quickly with these templates.
    • Don’t miss any chance.
    • Know what to say in any situation.
  • You will have 30 days of free trial access to the famous Magnetic Mastermind Kit
    • Fast-tracks and shortcuts.
    • Learn from video examples and analysis.
    • Master how to navigate objections.

Positives of Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging Review


  • Very easy to follow.
  • It’s comprehensive and covers all phases of texting and hooking up.
  • Designed by expert players.
  • It is available with a moneyback guarantee.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have designed something with great examples. It includes any scenario. So, you can learn the basics of texting to get the girl. All of that with real-life examples, various social conditions, with step-by-step guidance.

For me, I have a problem remembering guidance. So, it wasn’t simple and had some embarrassing time. However, as I powered through it, I got it!

Part of the achievement was that it includes everything you need to understand.

Females are guided to give attention to every aspect and read danger. It’s their survival instinct. However, some of us can miss the truth that we could be triggering that feeling. Here, you can increase the awareness of that analysis, and avoid triggering unwanted feelings.

Magnetic Messaging discusses everything: the app you utilize, the timestamps, everything! And don’t miss those bonuses!

These guys got your back!

How Is Magnetic Messaging Different?

If you have ever read other texting advice books but I personally won’t discredit anyone, but their methods were cold for me. They looked almost like protocol. Like, how to react in a gala dinner or something like that.

Again, all of that is helpful, but I wanted something more.

For me, the differentiator was that Bobby and Rob are specialists on the topic. They understand how to close the deal and have plenty of examples to back them up, you can see some of their other stuff online.

Really, these geniuses are everywhere!

Negatives of Magnetic Messaging

  • The program might not perform well for everyone
    • You just need confidence before acting.
    • Decide what way you’ll take. Sex? Dating?
  • The program can only be reached digitally
    • The program has no physical option accessible for buying.
    • You should have just an electronic device to access it.

Final Words

At the end of the part, we must say that People believe in social skills come naturally to everyone. However, there’s always been some people who will have to put some additional effort. I am one of them.

In the beginning, I was embarrassed about “having” to read these books.

However, there are plenty of programs to assist people to learn this socialize. This is the effort that has existed for ages. But, what about romance? Again, another old struggle.

But now, there are more factors including in this texting!

People tend to read whatever comes out of online relationships. However, there is a really short on how to make romance, in the digital era, succeed.

Well, here you will get everything in one place. Just give it a try!

Pros and Cons:


– Available with a reliable money-back guarantee

If you don’t like the program, you can always get your money back.

– The program has been designed by experts in a relationship.

Rob and Bob are top-skilled dating advisors and the best in the world as well. You are in safe hands.

– The program is perfect and vast

There are no loose ends. And, every topic discussed here, is fully covered and analyzed.

– The program is easy to follow

There is no rocket science to use it. You just need to unlock your phone and begin practicing from day one.


– It requires an initial level of confidence

If you’re a little on the shy side of things, it will take more time to assist you.

– It’s only digital.

You require an electronic device to access it.


Magnetic Messaging is quite a different program that changes your texts into seducing power.

This program was planned to get the advantage of technology to make her go crazy for you.

A duo of specialists developed the program. Their plan is to help you reach your dating goals: have more sex, date more, even get a girlfriend.

This is a magnificent guide to enhance your game.

Catch her eye, her imagination, and make her yours fast.

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